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Rio Residence

Since 2006

Looking For Beautiful Apartments

in Rio de Janeiro? 😍

My name is Stephane Saint-Denis, and I live between France & Rio de Janeiro since 2014. Our family have a few apartments for rent and sale. Here is a little visit of the Penthouse 🏠, located 1mn walk from Copacabana beach and 5mn walk to Ipanema Beach🌴.  

Fill out the form below, and I will tell you if this apartment is available.  

It was painfully difficult for me to find an apartment. 

I know how complicated it can be to find the perfect place. It happened to me a few years ago when I moved from France to Brazil.

When I moved to Sao Paulo and then then Rio de Janeiro), it was really hard for me to find an apartment. I was working for a french multinational company at the time and I remember how difficult and time-consuming it was to find a suitable apartment. Also the fact that I didn't speak portuguese did not help. 

I remember that I was looking for options via Airbnb but I was thrustrated that they took 10% to 15% commission. I ended up renting form a real estate agency, and paid 10% commission 😆... 

The apartment was really well located but it did not have air conditioning nor good wifi. I ended up doing connection sharing with my phone to my computer  but that was also costly😅. Also, there was no caretaker. So when I had problem with the local culture, or health check ups, or currency exchange or whatever... well.. I hustled and often was confronted with situations where I had to hire a translator or call a friend 😒  


Here's why I rent apartments

Yet, in the past years I fell in love with the country and the culture: the food, the samba, the caipirinha, the language, the beaches and the relaxed lifestyle😍.

I finally speak Portuguese (and also English, French and Spanish) - and I now help people find apartments in Rio de Janeiro, so they don't end up in the same situation as I did the first time...

Fill out the form below, and I will tell you if this apartment is available.  

If you're looking for an apartment in Rio de Janeiro, you got the right guy! 


I am French-American and live between France and Rio de Janeiro. I have rented a lot  of apartments and trust me there are a lot of surprises. 

I have apartments with 24-hour doorman, WIFI, bed linens, and  beautiful apartments. Our caretaker is also available at any time to help you with any questions or emergencies.

Oh and you won't pay 10% commission like Airbnb. 😎


❤️ Here's why the location is so awesome:

The apartments are ideally located at the end of Copacabana, next to Ipanema and 2 min away from the beach. 


If you are looking for public transportation, there is the metro 2 mn away (and if you walk very fast 1mn 😉). Some buses are right at the corner of the street. I personally prefer to take either the metro or a taxi / Uber. 

Markets, banks, currency exchange bureaus, little shops, beach / coconut bars are everywhere in the neighborhood. So you don't need to worry - you have everything you need, and you are 2mn away from the famous Copacabana beach, famous for it's lifestyle, surfers, bikinis and relaxed people. 


Still not convinced?

Here are some more awesome reviews 😍


As you can see we've received a lot of positive comments from our guests. We've been renting out our family apartments for some years, so we know what it takes to make a guest happy, especially when the apartments are located 2 min away from Copacabana beach. 

🏃Hurry up!

Our apartments rent out very fast. If you want to rent an apartment in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro make sure you contact us in advance. 

Here is what you will get renting an apartment with us: 

Free High Speed Wifi 😎


24-Hour Doorman

A Fully Furnished Apartment

Bed Linens in All Rooms

Air Conditioning In All Rooms 😇 

A 2-min Walk To Metro

A 2-min Walk to Beach

A Local Caretaker for Information, Assistance and Emergency

Fill out the form below, and I will tell you if this apartment is available.  

Fill out the form below, and I will tell you if this apartment is available.  

The demand is really high, make sure you get in touch as soon as possible. 

Thanks! Message sent 😍

Thanks! Message sent 😍

Thanks! Message sent 😍

Thanks! Message sent 😍

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